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KSqueeze Trading Systems- The KSqueeze System allows a trader to trade the markets with a combination of custom price, custom signals, custom indicatora and custom bars that are matched to a hybrid squeeze indicator. In our latest system update, we have launched 2 new signals that are completely adjustable by the trader. You will be able to target precise trade set ups in Futures, Forex, and ETF's with our complete KSqueeze System. The KSqueeze indicator is a unique hybrid squeeze indicator specifically built to trade a range of scalping or intraday position trading set ups. The KSqueeze indicator was built to "see" aspects of price cycles, momentum, and consolidation. As markets consolidate or expand their ranges, we are able to avoid the chop but then also take advantage of range expansion. Trading the turning points in price cycles, the continuation of developing trends, or the breakouts from a narrow range of price are some of the key advantages to trading with the KSqueeze system.


KSqueeze Was Built For Use With Our Preferred Platform Vendor NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader is our #1 recommended trading platform and preferred Forex, Futures and Equity traders around the globe.

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It does not matter if you are a newbie or a technical trader. KSqueeze is based on Price Logic – Simplicity in Mind.

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This system is a simple approach to understanding the market and its price action. We feel simple is better!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is your system limited to certain times of the day?

NO, our system is designed to work in FOREX, FUTURES and EFT'S, so basically anytime the markets are active

If I am a newbie trader, can I trade with KSqueeze?

OF COURSE! We designed this system to work for traders with or without experience. We have professional traders to the newest of traders using KSqueeze

Can I use this system on multiple PC's?

YES but you will pay a signal fee per pc or buy our Lifetime option and you get 2 pc's licensed

Can I demo trade with KSqueeze?

YES, you will need NinjaTrader's Demo verison. You can get started with our signals for $99 for a full month

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We have decided to offer one month of unlimited usage for $99 instead of a money back guarantee. This way you will know if our system is as good as we say it is

How many trades does this system indicate per day?

Simple answer is MANY, although this really depends on what market you are trading as well as time of day. Most markets we trade produce trades every 5-10 mins, however some markets may be a few per hour

Still Not Convinced?

Use Us For A Month! Only $99 And See It For Yourself! Click The Purchase Button Now